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Need a wardrobe kit bag? These guys have it sorted.

Need a one-size-fits-all for your wardrobe kit bag? Well, The Costumier is a one-stop-shop for all your wardrobe needs.

If you’re tired of trying out different bags, hoping to find the ‘perfect’ one to fit all our kit in, then this company have taken the pain out of it and sorted it all for you.

The Costumier have a ready-made selection of empty or filled kit-bags of various shapes and sizes to suit your every need.

Jessica – the costumier and wardrobe stylist behind the brand – was sick of having to stuff her gear into a make-shift bag which was not fit for purpose, so instead decided to create her own.

She wanted a bespoke bag, designed entirely with the costume and wardrobe industry in mind and set about producing one that actually catered for users needs.

She explained:

“What started with the Kit Bag – a unique, custom designed bag for people like you and me, gradually became a crusade to make everything we do easier and simpler.”

Created with the intention to make costumiers, dressers, stylists and wardrobe teams’ lives ‘a bit easier’, Jessica looked at different forms and functions of the bag to work for different aspects of the industry.

There’s a cross-body bag which can be worn over the front, side or on the back (whatever works for you!) and a smaller style waist bag suitable for backstage work.

Jessica even considered the issue of ‘what kit to put in your bag’ once you’ve got it, offering a filled option which is especially useful if you’re new to the wardrobe world or just want the hassle of finding everything removing completely.

The Costumier filled waist bag


She said:

“Once I’d got all the bags together it only seemed natural that I should offer all the bits and pieces that go in a kit bag, so I’ve sourced the best pins, tapes, needles etc so you are never without that crucial bit of kit.”

She even thought about the problem of hauling your heavy extended kit bag around and solved it with the addition of a super strong ‘hard-wearing’ and ‘water-resistant’ shoulder bag.

Prices start from just £25 and everything can be bought online. Go to The Costumier for more information.

Got one already? We’d love to know what you think. Post your comments below or drop us a line to do a review.

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