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Top UK university courses for costume

If you’re thinking of going to university to study costume, here are some of the top UK university courses for costume to suit your career goals.

It’s a bit of a jungle out there, with a vast array of universities all offering multiple courses, covering a range of areas of expertise and specialisms. So it’s no wonder it can be hard to pick one- after all, they are not cheap, so you want your decision to be the right one.

Luckily Catherine Kodicek rounded up some of the best ones in The Stage and shared her thoughts on what each had to offer.

We combined Catherine’s advice as well as some of our own research to create a list of highly thought-of courses for costume construction, design and a combination of the two.

Costume construction

If it’s the making side of things you’re really interested in, then some of the following including Catherine’s recommendations might be useful:

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama- Costume Construction
-Guildhall School of Music and Drama- Production Arts (Costume pathway)
University of South Wales- Costume Construction for Stage and Screen
Rose Bruford- Costume Production

Costume design

If the design aspect is the area you want to focus on the most, where you are at the very start of the process, then the following may be good to look at:

Birmingham City University- Costume Design and Practice
Salford University- Costume Design

Top UK courses for costume

Costume Construction and Design

Perhaps you’re not sure which area you’d like to go into, or maybe you’d like to try both. If that’s the case, there are university courses for costume offering both design and construction or some form of interpretation (which means translating a design into a made garment) could be for you:

Cleveland College of Art and Design- Costume Interpretation with Design
Nottingham Trent University- Costume Design and Making
University of Huddersfield- Costume with Textiles
University Arts London- Costume for Performance and Costume for Theatre and Screen.
Arts University Bournemouth- Costume and Performance Design

These are just a few of the vast selection out there, so it’s best to really get stuck into your research. Check out the websites, contact the institutions and where possible, have a visit to take a look at the facilities on offer.

Have you studied on one of these university courses for costume? Or perhaps you have studied on one not listed? If you have any recommendations or tips to share, leave a comment and get in touch!

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