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Top online costume resources to bookmark immediately

Of course, we think Kozzii is one of the best sites out there for costume content, but our Kozzii compilation of the best online costume resources may come in handy when researching or making your own work. 

It can be a waste of time trawling through the internet trying to find useful resources to help research a costume when you’ve got limited time and a deadline to meet. Which is why we, along with ThoughtCo have done (some of) the hard work for you by compiling a list of websites to help you meet the brief. 

Whether you’ve got a project in mind, need something for future reference, or just enjoy research, some of these links might be beneficial.

Costume gallery

Online Costume Resources

Here you will find a huge database of resources divided into fashion, vintage, topic, portfolios and eras. You can click on different books on the shelves to access more information, images of the costumes, design and construction advice and the occasional free pattern. 

The site boasts nearly 6000 web pages and has been providing extensive costume information for 18 years. 

The links at the side will also allow you to click through photo collections and specific garment areas such as swimwear and mourning outfits. 

A good resource to delve into and out of even if the layout is a little confusing! 

Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Online costume resources

This is an extremely useful site, consisting of a massive collection of digital archives from fashion and costume collections and museums across America and some from the UK. 

The well organised databases have links to collections from the Museum of Spain (although it’s in Spanish), Manchester Gallery of Costume, The Kyoto Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the V&A. 

Search within each collection for images of costumes from the exhibitions, as well as historical objects and artefacts to help inform the design and research process.

Elizabethan Costume

Online Costume Resources

If historical costume is your thing, then you’re in for a real treat with this site, as it provides a comprehensive guide to all things Elizabethan (costume wise at least.) 

This well-stocked site talks you through everything from what underwear is suitable for an Elizabethan, right through to headgear and accessories.

There are also sections on traditional fabrics and colours, as well as a link to patterns and construction advice. 

A well laid out site which covers all areas. 

La Couturière Parisienne

Online Costume Resources

This vast database is available in two languages and includes costumes from the medieval era to the 20th century. So again, if history’s your thing, then this is for you. 

The site splits into a series of links, categorised by era to make it easier for the user to navigate. 

Visitors can then search the 4000 image database by period, style and century.

It also includes a helpful list of book resources, museum information and a suppliers list.

Clothes on Film

Online Costume Resources

This knowledgable and inspirational site was set up by author Christopher Laverty and includes a huge amount of costume content and references from TV and film. 

Laverty-although by his own admission has never worked in costume in a practical way, has a keen analytical eye for reading the subtexts and hidden meanings often embedded in costumes for the screen. 

His site contains 100s of insightful articles, delving into the meanings of the costumes and analysing the designers’ intentions, across a staggering range of films. 

There are some references to historical costumes, but the main focus is on the modern day, which is useful if you are researching or supervising for a production. 

The site contains an archive of over 400 essays on costume across many different genres and decades, making it an extremely rich resource. 

He has also written the book: Fashion in Film which pulls his thinking together and is a good source of info on the go.


Online costume resources

No list of online costume resources would be complete without mentioning Kozzii. Here we curate and create the best content for anyone working in costume, wardrobe and styling industries across Theatre, Film TV, Promo, Commercials…you name it! Every day we are publishing the latest news, views, interviews, advice, and how-tos to help inspire your career and creativity.

Good costume links with useful information are hard to find, so these are some of the most popular, but this list is by no means exhaustive. 

Got any recommendations of online costume resources for us or bookmarks in your browser? Let us know! Or drop us a comment below. Happy researching! 

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