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Top Historical Costume Blogs To Inspire Your Next Creation

If you’re researching or making a historical costume and need some inspiration, check out some of these blogs to help hone your skills.

Whether you’re in the middle of a project or fancy starting something new, our pick of historical costume blogs will inspire and aid you in your creations.

Let’s dive into some of the best:

Your Wardrobe Unlock’d

British costume artist Cathy Hay is behind this hugely helpful blog which offers a fantastic selection of articles (many of which are free) to help your reach your creative potential.

The very well organised site is split into three sections, so whether you’re at beginner, improver or experienced level, there is something to suit your skills.

Woman in 1920s costume

Demode Couture

This extremely thorough blog offers a staggering amount of contextual research, as well as some really handy ‘how-tos’ to get you going.

Focused mainly on costumes and couture of the 18th century, the author provides a great insight into this era with several interesting projects.  

American Duchess

Written by a passionate costumier, the author is keen for materials and information to be readily available and accessible for other users, creators and makers.

There’s a great section on her projects, as well as a massive ‘how to’ list, providing you with some really helpful tips and ideas on how to take your project to the next level.

Woman in 1950s Costume reading a magazine near a lake.

Wearing History

The owner behind this nicely laid out blog, has a background in Fashion Design and costume for film and has put her love of historical costume into practice.

Her blog contains some fascinating posts on style inspiration from across the eras, as well as some ‘how tos’ on niche aspects such as button holing and bias binding.

The Fashionable Past

This blog combines some impressive photos of the author’s completed projects, along with an extensive list of tutorials.

Work your way through her guides, from medieval to regency and plenty inbetween, not to mention her superb selection of tips on accessories and specific techniques.

Girl in a medieval costume

Mode De Lis

This vibrant, vintage blog combines quirky retro finds with fun photos of the author’s finished projects.

Search by category and check out her work from the 16th century to the 1950s.

The Dreamstress

Textile and fashion historian Leimomi Oakes offers a sweet and simple blog detailing her makes across the ages, as well as sections on how to boost your knowledge.

Complete with an encyclopedia and links to costume classes and events, making this a one-stop-shop-blog for your historical costume needs.

Fashionable Frolick

Run by two keen costume and history fans, this insightful blog offers a really interesting peep inside preserved buildings across America, alongside their costume creations.

Split into two sections, you can view their costume work, with particular focus on the 19th century or you delve into their travels segment for some great location inspiration.

Man in a mask

These are just a few of some of the best out there and a good starting point to help you pick an era and flex those historical muscles.

Check out our guides to the best podcasts and costume websites for more inspiration.

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