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Top Headtorches For Working Backstage

A good headtorch is a costume staple and an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe kit, so here’s our rundown of some of the best to suit every budget.

Having a headtorch (or 3) strapped to your head (not at the same time), clipped to your kit bag or tucked in your pocket is always a great idea as you just never know when they’re going to come in handy.

Of course if you work backstage or do a lot of night or location shoots, then you’re never without a trusty headlamp.

Some are definitely better than others though –  and you don’t want to be in a situation where you headlight fails you and you’re scrabbling around doing a quick change in total darkness. Not ideal.

We’ve done some research to save you some time and here are our top 10 recommendations based on Amazon customer reviews:

Petzl Tikka Headlamp


You’ve probably seen a lot of these lurking backstage, in dressing kits and shoot bags and there’s a very good reason for this: they work. Well!

They seem to be one of the most popular headtorches in use (at least from a costume and wardrobe professional perspective) and they’re a reasonable price too.

From £19/ $25



Lighting specialists OMERIL do a great little compact headtorch for under £10 which fits into our budget recommendation and great for emergencies.

Don’t expect your surroundings to be lit up like a floodlight with this one, but it’s lightweight and nifty to stash in your bag without taking up too much space.

From £9.99/$13

Energizer headlamp


Renowned for their longlasting batteries, this company have turned their hand to headlamps with extremely good results.

And surprisingly, it was the cheapest of their short but sweet range that has earned the most praise.

This is because some people have said the fancier versions cause light to bleed into their eyes a little, or if anything the bulbs are too bright, but this one seems to do the job nicely.

From £8/$10

TinMiu rechargeable headlight


This is a lesser known brand, but a slightly more technical option which could save you some valuable time.

Some of its main features include a rechargeable battery – saving on batteries, money and also the environment – and an impressive ‘wave’ feature to turn it off. Meaning no more pressing about with buttons in the dark and accidentally turning the strobe on…

From £9.99/$13



This powerful headtorch comes with five different modes and wait for it – can be charged with a USB. Meaning you can even charge it off your laptop or phone charger if you forget the plug!

Users describe this little number as ‘brilliant’ with great reach, which means it could be particularly good for night shoots on location when trekking around with bagfuls of kit in the dark is not always fun…!

From £10/$13

Blusmart LED headlamp


This is quite a techy one with three LEDs, also with five modes, including high, low, flashing and a red beam (anyone use that one?)

It is also USB rechargeable which is extremely useful, but what sets this one apart is its water resistancy.

We don’t recommend submerging it completely, but if you’re shooting outside and are at the mercy of the elements, then this one could be a real lifesaver.

From $9.99/$13

Linkaz LED headlamp


This compact model seems to offer good value for money and covers much of the basics for the price.

It offers a flexible head of upto 60 degrees, has four modes and is splashproof.

Users have favoured its lightness and comfort of wear which is always a bonus, as a chafing strap under stagelights not what you need!

From £5.99/$8

Cobiz zoomable headlamp


This model may be a little more hardcore than the others, but may suit people who fancy an all singing and dancing option!

With a dual headstrap, this one is definitely staying on your head and zoomable lenses – allowing you to focus on specific details – is super helpful.

Could be great for those who are working intensely in the dark for a period of time or focusing on awkward repairs when you’ve lost the light.

From £16.99/$22

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