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Top 7 Costume Blunders Caught On Film.

Keeping track of continuity and costumes on big-budget films is no easy task and occasionally the odd mistake rears its head and makes it onto the big screen.

We know how hard it can be to keep an eye on absolutely everyone involved on a film or TV shoot – some casts, including extras, reach into the hundreds – but some things slip through the net and can be hard to miss.

Of course costume designers and their teams work extremely hard to research aswell as they can to pull together costumes they deem to be accurate – but errors do happen from time to time (hey we’re all human!)

So this is a just a tongue-in-cheek roundup of few of the best and most obvious costume blunders throughout film history caught on camera:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Lucasfilm Ltd.

With everyone else (bar Indiana Jones) wearing appropriate clothing for 1930s Egypt, it makes the extra in the background walking around in jeans and a grey t-shirt all the more noticeable.

This modern look wouldn’t have been commonplace at the time, so it makes you question whether he was even an extra at all, or actually a crew member caught in transit!

Pride & Prejudice

Working Title Films

This blink and you’ll miss it moment happens pretty fast, but still hasn’t gone unnoticed.

As Keira Knightley is seen walking through the garden in the year 1812, glimpses of her rubber wellington boots can be seen; which is perhaps a little odd considering they weren’t manufactured until 1852!


Universal Pictures

This one is quite a famous moment for many reasons, as no-one expected Russell Crowe – kitted out in gladiator gear – to flash a pair of lycra cycling shorts when he hit the ground…

Of course, something needed to be in place to protect Russell’s modesty (and us) from what could’ve been an embarrassing scene for all, but we don’t think ancient Rome was known for its use of lycra…!


TriStar Pictures

Again, this one is a real quickie, but if you spot it, it’s a pretty obvious blunder!

An arm reaches into the frame for a brief moment – but on it is a digital watch; not exactly in keeping with the American Civil war- 100 years before this sort of technology was invented!

Julius Caesar


This one is a bit of an oldie, but the blatant underwear mishap in this 1950s film with Marlon Brando is glaringly obvious!

While the leading ladies looked (and continue to look) very glamorous, one thing was altering the graceful silhouette of the roman robes quite significantly… Pointed bullet bras!  

These were most definitely not a thing in 100BC –  nor were any kind of structured, ‘modern’ bras we might recognise today, but then again neither was the internet available in the ‘50s for researching historical Roman underwear, so we’ll let them off a little bit here!

Django Unchained

The Weinstein Company
Columbia Pictures

Jamie Foxx did look super slick with his shades on in Tarantino’s bloody take on a Western set in the 1850s amid America’s oppressive slavery regime.

However, sunglasses weren’t actually invented until about 70 years later! Perhaps this was a conscious choice though, as Foxx as Django did look undeniabley cool.


Colorama Features…4374.5892..6534…0.0..0.152.1066.9j2……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i30j0i8i30j0i24.0kjVMkNM_hM#imgrc=tJzk5uv0oG0a4M:

The blue dress worn by Anna Baxter in the 1950s film- loosely based around the life of Moses in Egypt more than 2000 years ago -was certainly a bold choice.

However, while Anna did a grand job of playing the part of Queen Nefertiti, there was absolutely no way this colour was historically accurate, as no natural dye at the time could produce such a pigment.

Beautiful dress all the same though!

Got ay costume on-screen blunders you’ve spotted recently? Let us know.

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