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Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Ever been handed a piece of equipment and had no clue how to use it? Perhaps you’re new to the industry or maybe you just want to brush up on your skills and you’re wondering how to use a clothes steamer without wrecking your garments.

Whatever your reasons and whatever stage in your career you’re at, it’s always good to gain a new perspective and try new ways of doing things which is why this video by Fridja offering their tips on how to use a clothes steamer, comes in very handy.

You may have thought it’s obvious, but it just might turn out there are a few things you didn’t know about using the ever faithful wardrobe friend, the steamer.

Fridja has been ‘leading the way in garment care’ for eight years and they are a trusted voice from clothing maintenance ever since their introduction on Dragon’s Den.

Growing from strength to strength, the brand not only has a great range of steamers to suit a variety of purposes but also offer tips and tricks to ensure your steaming session goes smoothly (no pun intended).

This snappy video offers five quick tips on how to make the most of your steamer and how to make your clothes or costumes the best you can.

So what are the Fridja top five tips for using a clothes steamer? Ben at Fridja has these top 5 tips on how to use a clothes steamer to get you ironing out the creases in your technique:

1. Position your body correctly

Credit: Youtube/Fridja

In his first tip Ben tells us to pay attention to the hose. Make sure it is not folded or double-crossed unnecessarily. Make sure you are holding the nozzle in the correct position and the garment is pulled correctly. You can see Ben demonstrate this in the video.


2. Technique

Credit: Youtube/Fridja

Here Ben cautions us not to think of a steamer as an iron and demonstrates the correct way to use the tool in order to get best results and not damage the clothes.


3. Extend the pole, don’t hurt your back.

How to use a clothes steamer
Credit: Youtube/Fridja

Steaming clothes all day whilst backstage can take its toll on our back. Here Ben demonstrates best practice to maintain your posture as well as your clothes.


4. Go slow

How to use a clothes steamer
Credit: Youtube/Fridja

Time is money, so it can be tempting on a busy set or shoot to go super fast. Here Ben talks about the importance of taking your time when steaming clothes.


5. Use the Accessories

How to use a clothes steamer
Credit: Youtube/Fridja

They’re not free gifts, the accessories are there to help you get the job done as effectively as possible. Ben gives us some tips on how to best use accessories that come with a steamer.

Got some hot tips of your own? Please share with the community in the comments section below.

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