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Top 10 TV Series You Should Be Watching For Costume

TV series are an absolute gold mine for costume inspiration, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 10 shows to add to your ‘watch’ list.

‘Netflix and chill’ might be the new buzz phrase, but what about ‘Netflix and check out the costumes’? It’s not as snappy, but a great excuse to binge-watch your favourites without feeling guilty (it’s research right?)

Here’s our top 10 TV series, we feel are worth watching for the costumes alone. Get binging on these:

The Crown

Credit: Netflix

From Queen Elizabeth’s timeless classics to Princess Margaret’s fashion-forward looks, this series is a treat for the eyes.

With glamorous ball gowns and sleek day-dressing, The Crown is a one-stop for vintage fashion – fit for a queen – as it takes you through the decades.

Gossip Girl

Credit: Warner Bros

Gossip Girl may be over a decade old (since it first hit our screens), but that doesn’t make taking a trip down memory lane to 2007 any less enjoyable.

Blair Waldorf’s squeaky clean, preppy looks – complete with an enviable headband and cape selection –  and Serena van der Woodsen’s collection designer dresses make this series a long running favourite of socialite style.


AMC/ Via

There is a lot to love from this slick period drama, based on the complicated lives of the New Yorkers in the booming advertising industry era on Madison Avenue in the ‘60s.

Leading man Don Draper’s impeccable suits, Joan’s jewel-coloured dresses and Peggy’s quirky coordinating outfits reflect this ‘golden era’ of class and sophistication perfectly.

House of cards

House Of Cards | Credit: Netflix

With the razor-sharp power-suiting of Claire Underwood and an overwhelming number of structured dresses, House of Cards costume design is an expert crash-course in how to dress a formidable female leader.

Custom-makes from the high-brow likes of Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana are wardrobe staples for the new president, making her closet, all the more covetable.

Downton Abbey

ITV Studios

Downton Abbey is arguably one of the most popular costume dramas worldwide and its post-edwardian wardrobe is as much a delight as its storylines.

Whether it’s the Chanel-inspired day-outfits of Lady Mary, the intricately beaded flapper dresses or the victoriana style gowns of Lady Violet, this timeless show has set the bar for period costume.  



Set in the late 18th century, this dark and brooding series has subtly atmospheric costumes to match.

Think corsets and sweeping skirts, breeches and waistcoats; these thoroughly researched costumes do a fantastic job at taking you back in time to the brooding coves of Cornwall.

Game of Thrones

Credit: Courtesy of HBO

We couldn’t go through a series to watch list without mentionning Game of Thrones could we? Dragon Queen Daenerys’ regal robes and dramatic looks are spellbinding enough, not to mention Cersei’s collection of sumptuous gowns.

The devil really is in the detail with this gripping show, as every kingdom is meticulously thought out, with each far flung land showcasing its own unique style.

With armour thrown in and a few dragons for good measure and its clear to see why GoT is the most expensive TV production to date.

Series of Unfortunate Events


This unnerving, dystopian fantasy is a great hunting ground for creative costumes which will really feed your imagination.

Count Olaf’s ingeniously whacky disguises truly are a sight to behold as he reinvents himself from disturbing doctor to creepy ringleader in this TV series adaptation.



The History Channel’s first scripted series, Vikings, is a real feast for fans of historical costume.

Delve into the cutthroat world of fierce leader Ragnar Lothbrok and his equally no-nonsense wife and watch out for the impressive use of leatherwork and chainmail, fit for a warrior.

American Horror story

20th Century Fox

If you’re into all things creepy and weird then you’ve come to the right place with this ghoulish show.

With monsters entitled ‘Bloody Face’ and ‘The Butcher’, then you know you’re in for a real fright and these freaky creations are truly nightmare inducing.

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