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The secrets behind the costumes of The Crown

If you’re a fan of The Crown, then these facts-behind-the-costumes are guaranteed to give you a much-needed info-hit on one of the most addictive series on Netflix.

The insatiable thirst for more pictures and footage of the gorgeous costumes on the TV show, will never fully be quenched, but at least we have a little more gossip to keep us going.

It was only in September, British designer, Jane Petrie from Scotland scooped an Emmy award for her outstanding work on series two – and with her eye for detail and accuracy, it’s not hard to see why.

Costuming ‘the queen’ was certainly no easy task. According to Marie Claire, over 500 costumes were created for the binge-worthy show. And that’s not even including the 500 extras who had to be decked out in full Nazi uniform costumes for one scene.

Not only was there the sheer volume which had to be catered for, but the precision and historical accuracy Jane achieved was second to none.

For the ‘under the sea ballroom’ scene in Paris- the magazine explained how the costume team used real shells (sustainably sourced) to create the stunning outfits. That’s dedication to detail!

To accommodate this, the magazine explains how an extensive ‘textile workshop’ was set up to ensure each and every one of the costumes was dyed to the exact colour requirements, and broken down in the precise way to match Jane’s intuitive designs.

The interview also went on to explain how Jane had to really keep on her toes and be super organised to ensure the shoots ran smoothly.


It explained how there were two simultaneous shoots taking place in two different countries, each with their own fully kitted costume trucks, complete with kitchens and sewing spaces.

“If you’ve got two units filming, then each director needs to have the queen on set for their storylines so she ended up having her own truck, so the queen’s costumes followed the queen!” Jane revealed.

There must have been so many amazing costumes that Jane wanted to see in the shots, but her favorite was a teal, intricately embellished dress which was originally made for the ballet scene. Unfortunately, you could only see the straps in the shot, but Jane told the magazine how they ‘pushed for it’ and it was later used for a party.

“The biggest challenge for that dress was actually getting it onto camera! But in the end, it was a better scene,” she told the interviewer.

It certainly seemed like the shooting schedule was pretty hectic, with costumes being made and finished to extremely tight deadlines. But with Jane’s calm demeanor and unshakable professionalism, she and her team took it in their stride and handled it as if it were a mere walk in the park.

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