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Season 8, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark costume sets the internet on fire

Warning!! may contain spoilers. If you haven’t caught up with Season 8 then we recommend that you DO NOT read on. 

We’re two episodes into Game of Thrones season 8, and the final chapter of the epic story of kings, queens,  dragons, and the walking dead has well and truly got underway. Although the season has gotten off to a slow (yet at times emotional) start we are sure these first two episodes are acting as a curtain raiser to the rest of an action-packed shock-inducing season.

S8 E2 Game of Thrones Preview

One area that hasn’t been slow to get going has been the costume design on the final season. We’ve already taken a look at our favourite costumes of all the previous seasons, but in last night’s episode (episode 2) one particular costume set the internet on fire quicker than dragon’s breath.

Sansa Stark has been on quite a journey in the epic GOT. She’s gone from bratty wannabe princes to abused and tortured prisoner/wife, and then finally powerful guardian of her family home, Winterfell.

Arguably, it has been Sansa Stark’s costumes that have provided the most insight into a character’s psychology. Even the way she wears her hair has been a sign of who she is carefully watching and learning from. Sansa wore her hair very much like Cercei’s early on in the series, later moving on to mimicking Margaery Tyrell, and then finally wearing her hair like her mother Catlin Stark as she took a leadership role at Winterfell.

Her costumes are no less enlightening, with damsel worthy gowns early on in the series as she dreamed of being rescued from Winterfell by a handsome prince, a wedding dress embroidered with the story of her life when she married Tyrion in season 3, and a tightly bound heavy black outfit in Season 7 acting as a psychological guard against Little Finger’s advances. 

Last night’s episode treated us once again to a breathtaking show-stealing Sansa costume moment. 

Growing in confidence and finding her way in a new terrifying world, Sansa has opted to develop an armour, quite literally. 
Season 8, Episode 2 saw Sansa showcase her new warrior look, wearing a leather plated black armour bodice. 

Fans didn’t take long to take to the internet to show their admiration for Sansa’s new look. 

Whilst functionally providing her with the protection needed when doing battle with the dead, it also gives us a clue to Sansa’s current state of mind. Gone are the days of the pretty future princess in beautifully embroidered gowns – now she displays herself as a confident warrior, taking on all the horrors that have befallen her in the past and wearing them like an armour going forward. 

We can’t help noticing the costume bears some resemblance to Cercei’s change at the end of Season 6 when she lost her last child Tommen and became the queen of Westeros.

Perhaps this is a foreshadowing of Sansa’s role in the great game of thrones…only time will tell.

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