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Queen of pop turns 60 – Here are the most memorable Madonna costumes

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Madonna has had her 60th birthday this summer, so it seems fitting we share our favourite Madonna Costumes.

Madonna is like the chameleon of the pop world, forever changing her colours, adjusting and reinventing herself and setting trends.

She has been knocking out pop belters for over 30 years and has had some seriously iconic moments which deserve a place in the music hall of fame.

For every single and every tour, she has worked with well-established designers to create the most ‘out there’, outrageous and innovative looks.

The ‘Queen of Pop’ truly is a style inspiration and these are some of our favourite iconic Madonna costumes:

1.) Holiday


The pop princess burst onto the scene in the early 80s, releasing ‘Holiday’ in 1983. Those moves, combined with that hair, make this slightly gothic ensemble a very memorable one.

2.) Like A Virgin


Another unforgettable outfit saw the pop-icon draped in white lace, and wearing something reminiscent to a Victorian wedding dress. She pulls it off though in the video for Like A Virgin.

3.) Material girl


This tongue in cheek video, sees a super glam Madge decked out in a clingy pink number, dripping in diamonds – a far cry from her former grunge self – and we love it.

4.) Into the groove


This has to be one of the star’s most kitsch looks of her career, looking like she’s stumbled straight off the set of Clueless (90s classic for our younger readers.)

We adore the ‘white-noise’ print glasses. The matching jacket and the bow sets it off just nicely.

5.) Papa don’t preach


This video sees a sassy Madonna saunter onto our screens in a skin-tight black bandeau top and leggings – a little like Sandy in Grease – as she smashes out another classic.

6.) Vogue


It doesn’t get more iconic than the black and white video for Vogue.

The pop idol chose a sophisticated black, trouser-suit to ‘strike-a-pose’ in these stylish shots.

7.) Frozen


Frozen sees the return of ‘Gothic Madonna’ as she twirls around in black taffeta, playing the part of mystical temptress in this sultry video.

8.) Music


Clearly Madge likes a suit, as her second number one single of 2000 sees her donning a smart, cream number complete with cane.

9.) Don’t tell me


Country and Western trends take over in the early 00s, Madonna hops nicely on the bandwagon as she dons a Stetson hat and flares in this line-dancing video.

10.) Hung up


After a couple of years away, the singer made a comeback in 2005 with Hung Up and no-one could forget the pink leotard she chose to make her high-kicking entrance.

So that was ‘10 of her best’, but are there are plenty more where that came from and if our predictions are correct, many more to come.

Happy birthday Madonna and here’s to many more decades of knocking us dead with your style-savvy looks.

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