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Kozzii Guide: Five Of The Best Fabric Scissors That Won’t Break The Bank

Finding the right scissors that cut it in the sewing the world can sometimes be a painful and costly case of trial and error.

No-one wants to get to the crucial stage of cutting some seriously expensive fabric, only to find out your shears aren’t up to it.

Disaster! Of course, you can spend a jaw-dropping amount of money on snips (some retailing over $100!), but that’s not always an option…

But getting an affordable pair of scissors that cut the way they should is an essential aspect of any sewing job and a key element to a designer/maker’s toolkit.  

Which is why we’ve pulled together our pick of the top five sewing scissors, which we think will get the job done nicely (and without the need of a loan in the process.)

Check them out:

Kai 7230 9 Inch Professional Shears


These snips may be fairly large, but with super comfy handles, Kai prides itself on shears which don’t make your arm ache- making your hefty cutting job a whole lot easier!

They also feature high carbon, stainless steel blades which means they slice through fabric with ease.

From $39.50/ £29.50

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears


They’re one of the oldest scissor brands in dressmaking history and there’s a reason for it- their shears work!

Their knife-edge is super sharp and ideal for chopping through multiple layers, plus they offer a sharpening service to keep them in good shape.

From $24/ £18

Fiskars-The Original Orange Handled Scissors, 8 Inch


For a great all-rounder, The Original Orange Handled Scissors by Fiskars are hard to beat.

The plastic handle makes it a softer option on the hand and the blades cut through a multitude of fabrics with ease.

From $18/£13

Janome 8.5″ Sidebent Dressmaking & Multi-Purpose Scissors


These classics are a perfect ‘starter scissor’ and a workroom staple for seasoned sewers.

Made from robust stainless steel, with blades of 8.5” this offering from the sewing giants at Janome are great if you’re on the go to, plus they come in at a snip of a price (sorry, we love a scissor pun).

From $7/ £6

Singer 8.5″ Fabric Scissors


Another oldie, but definitely a goodie and with over 165 years of sewing experience, then you know the Singer guys can be trusted.

Their 8.5” cutters are a firm favourite in the ‘all-rounder’ category and offer great value for money, a comfy handle and are easy to use, making them fab for beginners too.

From $6.99/£5.99

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