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How to rhinestone a dance costume.

Ever wanted to know how to rhinestone dancewear? Then look no further as we will tell you how with this helpful tutorial. 

Dancewear and stretchy fabrics are notoriously tricky to work with and embellishing them with rhinestones can be even trickier. 

As a dance costume has to fit the body and allow free-flowing movement, it can be a nightmare getting a rhinestone to stick on and stay stuck on! 

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via Youtube

Some of the difficulties you may face could include attaching the rhinestone to temperamental fabrics in the first place, whilst also trying to stop them from pinging off. 

This is where this game-changer tutorial by RhinestonesUnlimited comes in handy. 

Just follow their tips below on how to prepare the costume ready for the rhinestone and the whole process should run much more smoothly. 


How to Rhinestone a dance costume
Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via Youtube

RhinstonesUnlimited talks you through the whole process, starting from the very top where they advise you to work closely with any samples or designs you have. They suggest you allocate your rhinestone accordingly for the different parts of the costume – you don’t want to run out when you’ve got a deadline looming! 

Working with stretch fabrics

The video suggests if you are working with a stretch fabric, stretch it over something while you apply the crystals so they are applied while the fabric is stressed. If it can be stretched over a form which mimics the dancer’s body (that would be the best option) but a pillow or cardboard – or whatever you can get your hands on – will also do the job. Rhinestone win!

Be wary of glue!

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via Youtube

Place something underneath the area you are working on so the glue doesn’t seep through and ruin the surface when sticking a rhinestone! As the video states- this is especially important if you are working with a tutu, chiffon or sheer fabric. 

They also offer plenty of advice for types of glues to use depending on the material and its purpose. 

Practice first!

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via YouTube

Do a trial run before you launch into covering your costume with blobs of glue and rhinestone which aren’t the right shape/size/colour for the effect you want. 

As the video suggests, do a trial first on a tester piece of fabric to make sure you’re happy with everything before it’s all systems go. 

Applying the glue

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via YouTube

A great piece of advice they offer is to use a syringe to apply the glue – especially if you are new to the rhinestone game. Using a tool to apply the crystals will also help you to apply them accurately too. 

The video even shows you techniques to avoid trailing glue between rhinestones and how much you should use. 

Picking up your crystals

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited via YouTube

The video offers a few tricks when it comes to picking up the stones, including a pencil eraser, a crayon or a modified tooth-pick. 

If you don’t fancy getting crafty with your tools, they introduce different tools to help make the application process a little easier, including fit for purpose applicators and ‘good old fashioned’ tweezers.

Washing instructions

Credit: RhinestoneUnlimited Via YouTube

The tutorial recommends you wait 4 days before you wash your newly rhinestoned garment so they don’t slip off and undo all your hard work! 

They advise you either hand wash or if the rest of the costume can be washed, inside out and on a gentle spin so the stones don’t get scratched. 

Don’t dry clean (unless your specific brand of glue guarantees it’s ok) as the process will damage the glue and leave the costume patchy as the stones drop off. 

Protect your garments

To make sure you don’t damage your costume as you transport it, pop it in a dress bag or a case for protection. The video also states if it is heavily decorated, tissue paper can also be used. 

Do you have any of your own tips or recomendations? If so let the community know in the comments section below.

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