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Harley Quinn has a brand new costume and it’s not what you might expect

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad may have already had a very distinctive look, but her costume is set for a revamp ahead of her new spinoff film.

The red and blue hotpants clad, baseball bat wheeling Quinn we all know and love has become a Halloween fancy-dress favourite, but producers have decided she is due a shake-up in DC’s ‘Birds of Prey (The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’.

Kate Hawley was first to conceptualised the scary-yet-sassy, ex-psychiatrist’s look in the 2016 film, in which the production team won a much deserved Academy Award for Best Make-up and Hairstyling.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016) Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

So it’s understandable fans of the DC blockbuster will be keen to see Margot Robbie return as the blonde-pigtailed ‘queen of the criminals’ in the much-awaited spin off film next January.

And of course, we as costume lovers a are keen to know the answer to the even more important question- what will she be wearing?

Well, it seems we need ponder no longer on how this already iconic character will be re-worked, as Margot Robbie shared a sneaky snap on her Instagram of her rather surprising glitzy get-up.

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Gone is the ‘Daddy’s Lil’ Monster’ top and in its place a bright pink crop-top with a multi-coloured, fringed bolero and braces. Inside of super short hotpants, the designer has opted for a distressed, striped denim version, completing this upbeat Harley Quinn alter-ego.

Fan’s of the joker’s ex-lover will be pleased to see that the pale make-up and bright red lips will be making a come back, but this time with short and sweet dip-dyed pigtails for a much fresher, modern Harley.

And as if the reveal isn’t already too much excitement in one-go for you, the costume designer behind ‘A Star is Born’ has hinted her involvement with the film in a rare backstage wardrobe trailer post.

Erin Benach – who’s designs have featured in Devil, Drive, and The Light Between Oceans – teased her role as costume designer with an Instagram post after sharing a tantalising snapshot from the trailer unveiling Harley’s new garb.

The designer recently brought BAFTA winner Bradley Cooper’s touching remake of ‘A Star is Born’ (originally released in 1937) starring Lady Gaga to life with her relaxed costume vision.

Her laid-back, naturalistic take on the ‘American Dream’ contributed to the musical rom-com’s huge global success.  The film features the critically acclaimed Cooper, and Gaga in her biggest acting role yet.


The Suicide Squad spinoff will feature Jurnee Smollett-Bell (True Blood) as Black Canary, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Fargo, Cloverfield Lane) as the Huntress, and Rosie Perez (Do the right thing) as Renee Montoya.

Ewan McGregor is taking on the sadistic role of Black Mask – as Harley Quinn and her all-powerful girl-gang fight to save the day.

The hotly anticipated film is currently being filmed, with its planned release rumoured to be February 2020 in the US.

And if you’re interested in designing for film, take a look at our article on how to make the best use of colour in film.

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