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Go For Wardrobe – providing quality wardrobe professionals across the industry

Sometimes quality is overlooked in the rush to ‘staff’ a gig or show, but Go For Wardrobe, a wardrobe staffing solutions company founded by top wardrobe professional Hannah Kinkade, is changing that.

In the chaos of organising large-scale events, many crewing companies look to fill job roles with the nearest available person when it comes to staffing the wardrobe department. Within the music industry this often leads to the catering staff doubling up within wardrobe. It’s not because the organisers don’t value the work of the wardrobe department, after, all it is the wardrobe staff who often are closest to the artist when it really matters. However, when crewing a show means organising so many people, short-cuts are tempting. Experience within crewing companies is usually limited when it comes to wardrobe,  and unfortunately, it is often assumed that an inexperienced person will easily pick up the skills whilst on the job…how hard can it be right?

But, as we all know, it is attention to detail that really ‘cuts it’ in the professional world, and can strike the difference between a an ‘ok’ production company or promoter and an industry leading one.

A much needed service…

Hannah Kinkade, head of wardrobe for some of the worlds top artists, including Beyoncé and Jay Z, founded a new company to do the hard work for producers and managers, sourcing and developing quality professionals to work within wardrobe, and avoiding the pitfalls of hiring the inexperienced ‘newby’. After all, if you’re in charge of making bands like KISS look amazing (as Hannah has), then you’ll want to know you have the right staff to back you up.

Go for wardrobe
Hannah working with KISS

Which is why when it comes to wardrobe staff, ‘Go for Wardrobe’ are leading the way in providing quality, highly experienced staff for live industries. Although a fairly young company, top organisers and producers who truly care about quality are already using Go for Wardrobe to staff their wardrobe departments. Go for Wardrobe professionals have already been seen working on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 2018 OTRII tour, and the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing live tour.

Here is what Hannah had to say about why she started Go For Wardrobe:

“I founded ‘Go For Wardrobe’ after seeing a need for quality local wardrobe department professionals to work within the music industry. I’ve travelled all over the world working in the wardrobe departments for artists such as Beyoncé, KISS, Madonna and Rod Stewart – often as the Head of Department, and unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of inexperienced wardrobe staff!

I often came across crewing companies hiring wardrobe staff based on just a few outdated or simply odd criteria. Companies would hire people just because they are women, or because they weren’t working in catering today. Sometimes the only qualifying factor would be that they have a sewing machine. The attitude always seemed to be “how hard can it be ironing a few shirts and steam some dresses?”

‘Go For Wardrobe’- Getting the job done well…

Hannah went on to explain why technique and knowledge are just as important in wardrobe as any other department:

“When ironing Saint Laurent silk shirts and couture leotards encrusted with Swarovski crystals you want someone on the job who has a little more experience and technique.”

She said:

“Too often you get crewing companies saying things like “Dave’s wife makes curtains, doesn’t she? She’ll have a sewing machine!” when considering who to hire…Well, Dave’s wife might have a sewing machine, but can she ‘French seam’ a one-of-a-kind Balmain gown?”

Hannah goes on to reveal some other bizarre reasons crewing companies staff certain people for wardrobe…

“I’ve also been given wardrobe staff because they are huge ‘superfans’ of that particular artist, which never ends well.”

Go For Wardrobe are unique, offering fully dedicated wardrobe staffing solutions. The company provide experienced seamstresses and dressers, specialising in live performance, for high profile clients.

Go for wardrobe
Working backstage

All Go For Wardrobe staff have the specific experience and skills to work within the live performance industries and have a range of experience working with high profile artists.

You can find out more about Go for Wardrobe including how to become one of their professionals here.

If you are from a production team looking to hire wardrobe staff get in touch with Go For Wardrobe’s client relations manager at


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