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Gentleman Jack: Suranne Jones reveals costume toll on the new BBC series.

New Sally Wainwright penned period drama Gentleman Jack has finally hit our screens after several anticipation filled months.

The drama follows the story of Anne Lister a Halifax Landowner in the 1800, refusing to conform to societal norms for victorian women.

Operating in the mans world of industry she shunned the dresses and hairstyles synonymous with women at the time and instead wore black functional pieces associated with mens clothing, finished with a top hat and ‘masculine’ hairstyle.

However, Suranne Jones, who plays Anne Lister in the BBC series recently revealed in an interview at the Radio Times Festival earlier this year that the costumes she had to wear from the role caused her some physical problems.

She Said:

“She does a lot of walking, she does a lot of jumping, climbing up things – she’s very physical.

“I had so many clothes on and the summer was very hot.

Image: BBC

“I started to get welts because you shouldn’t behave like Anne behaves in a corset.”

Suranne later revealed that the costume designer on the show came to the rescue.

She revealed: “Our costume designer told me about a ballet corset and it gives you leeway to do things Anne Lister could do.”

Suranne also revealed in a separate interview for The Graham Norton Show that she took some ‘method’ steps when preparing for the role of Anne Lister, choosing to “grow out” her own body hair for the role.

She said:

“Under the costume I let all my hair grow out – everything grew really long!

“It was during last year’s really hot summer and every time I lifted my son up, my underarm hair was on full display – people would look at me and think, ‘Wow!’”

Gentleman Jack airs each Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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