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A whole new world for the costumes on Disney’s Aladdin remake

Disney’s new live-action Aladdin is set for release in the US and UK on Friday and the costumes look incredible.

We’ve waited for what seems like forever for this exciting new film to hit our bigscreens and now it’s finally here.

From the trailer alone, we can see we’re in for a treat costume wise as we’re teased with snippets of glorious outfits in bold colours and sumptuous fabrics.

Let’s take a peek at costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s creative vision and relish a glimpse at what we can expect to see on May 24th.

Princess Jasmine

In the 90s classic, one of our favourite Disney Princesses’ iconic looks was a turquoise crop top and harem pants ensemble and the designer has decided to do a nod to this classic look.

This time though, Michael – also known for his costume design work on Justice League, Noah and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 – has developed his own interpretation, with a dress rather than the pants combo.

Image: Disney via Youtube

For another of her glamorous looks in the palace, the designer has decided to take her ‘pink’ look to a different level.

Actress Naomi Scott looks exquisite in Michael’s stunning take on the Shalwar Kameez (tunic and long trousers) as he adds a long train, plenty of gold trim and a flash of her signature turquoise.

Image: Disney via Youtube


The star of the movie’s famous look featuring just a waistcoat and harem pants has been taken to a more practical level, as the designer adds in a shirt to complete Mena Massoud’s leading look.

Image: Disney via Youtube

His ‘palace party’ outfit, as he has his first formal encounter with Princess Jasmine is pretty special too, featuring an immacculately cut white and gold coat and cropped pants suit with a beautifully embellished under shirt.

Image: Disney via Youtube

The Genie

Unlike his comedic counterpart from the disney animations and voiced by the late Robin Williams, Will Smith’s genie does actually have a few wardrobe changes other than appearing half dressed with just his pants and shoes on.

Of course, this does happen too – it is his calling-card look after all – and the designer does a grand job of sticking closely with the original while adding in his own decorative touches.

Image: Disney via Youtube

The Genie also gets to go all out at the palace as Aladdin’s chauffeur, with an appropriately ornate royal blue and gold print, tunic style over coat and matching turban.

Image: Disney via Youtube


Even devious Jafar has had a make-over fit for a fashion icon, but still inkeeping with his original foreboding colour pallette of black and red robes and extravagant headdress.

Costume designer Michael has certainly turned up the glamour factor this time though, adding in plenty of gold detailing suited to his treasure-lusting traits.

Image: Disney via Youtube

From just the teasers it looks like Michael has done a sterling job in capturing the characters; keeping in just enough of their trademark looks and combining them with his own exotic vision. And if the trailer is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see it in full.

Aladdin is set for release in the US and UK on Friday May 24th.

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