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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Brand Stylist

by Hannah Ruth Watte

With so many aspects to the styling world, it may seem pretty daunting when asked to style for a specific brand.

But never fear, Kozzii is here and we’ve pulled together a handy breakdown and rough schedule of what to expect on a brand shoot.

If you’ve done commercial styling before – for an advert or music video, or something involving multiple brands – you will know about the prep that’s involved beforehand!

Things are a little different with styling for one brand, and while there is still a lot of prep, the whole process is often a lot more streamlined, resulting in a pretty full on day!

Of course, the amount of clothing to be shot and the urgency of the images  (if there’s a deadline for an advert or for clothing to be uploaded online) will affect the overall time-frame. With some shoots sometimes stretching over a course of a week (especially if they are on location) and other projects will see you rocketing through the agenda in a day!

We’re focusing on a one-day shoot this time, so here’s a rundown of what to expect:

6:30 am-

Yep, it’s an early one, so hopefully, you’ve managed to get some sleep and have prepped your kit bag in advance!

Once you’ve arrived, don’t hesitate to get started and set up the steamer, ironing board and start assembling the clothes and accessories you need for the day.

As it’s a shoot for a brand, the emphasis will be on their products, so in most cases, these will have been finalised and pulled together beforehand. The team should also provide you with a shot list, indicating the items they want to focus on – which will help with coordinating outfits.

7 am-

Often on pacey shoots, the clothes may have been decided upon, but no fittings will have been done. So as soon as the model arrives, grab them before they run off into make-up and have them try on everything so alterations can be done right away.

8:30 am-

With hair, make-up and alterations complete and everything steamed, you’re ready to roll on set and get this show on the road.

Don’t think you’re on the home run here though! Often producers and buyers want to switch things up, swap things in and out and mix it up entirely. So it’s best to make sure it’s not a massive headache for you and have everything prepped and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Feel free to jump in on set when there’s a scene change or a second’s break to make any tweaks to the model’s outfits, adding or removing any accessories as needed. Remember to keep an eye out for any loose threads or anything which can be picked up by the camera.

12 pm-

All being well you’ve made it to the lunch break without any major meltdowns or debilitating dramas, so please take a break and make sure you’re fuelled for an afternoon of fast-paced shooting!

Communication is key, so here’s a great opportunity to make sure there are no drastic changes to the shooting schedule and all the garments are ready for their time to shine.

1 pm-

Help the model get ready again for the afternoon, arming yourself with your essentials when heading back into the studio or to the location. Trust me, you don’t want to have to run back because you haven’t got enough safety pins or your lint roller to hand!

3:30 pm-

At this point in the day, it may be safe to start re-packing the gear and getting rid of any accessories you know you won’t want.

6 pm-

With a bit of luck, everything’s gone to plan and you’re ready to wrap! Now you can make sure everything’s packed away either on rails or in cases, with their tags re-attached and labelled correctly.

Make sure you separate anything that needs to be sent back for returns and don’t let models accidentally run off wearing your jewellery stash!

This is only a general approach to a shooting schedule and it’s well-known timings often run over, but this should serve as a rough guide to keep you on track.

Now we’ve covered the nuts and bolts of brand styling check out our tips on preparing for a commercial fashion styling project. 

Hannah Ruth Watte is a stylist and costume professional working across fashion, commercial styling, music and theatre. She is a regular contributor to Kozzii magazine.

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