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Kozzii’s 10 phrases you should know when working in a wardrobe department.

When you start working in any industry there are certain phrases and words that can fly right over the head of any novice. A wardrobe department is no different.

These 10 phrases you should know when working in a wardrobe department mainly covers phrases used within theatre wardrobe departments, where the language used by those in the know can be particularly daunting. But not to worry, Kozzii has you covered.

Below are the 10 most confusing phrases for newbies when working in a wardrobe department, so you can learn them by-heart and go forward with confidence:

10 phrases you should know when working in wardrobe.

1.) Dead

Phrases you should know when working in a wardrobe department

Nope, this isn’t the way to describe the personality of the visiting production manager but the phrase you use when a costume is done with.

2.) Plot

Yes you may already be losing it but this particular manifestation of the word is referring to your personal guide to how the show runs – referencing where you need to be and when.

3.) Call Sheet

You’ll get this at the end of a day or at the beginning of a job telling you when you are working and where you need to be.

4.) Strike

Phrases you should know when working in Wardrobe departments

If your not in a bowling alley and hear this then you are being asked to get rid of a costume and put it back to its starting position.

5.) Costume breakdown

This one is pretty straight-forward, its the list of all the costumes on your plot. Just try not to have a breakdown when the pressure is on.

6.) Wiggy

Whilst sounding like some sort of insult we can reassure you it is an affectionate term for someone who deals with (drum roll please) wigs.

7.) Pre-set

There is plenty of things to think about before a show begins but this is one of the most important. A pre-set is your time to set everything in its correct place before the start of the show.

8.) Beginners

Phrases you should know when working in Wardrobe departments

If it’s your first job within a wardrobe department you might feel like one, but that’s not the meaning of beginners within the theatre. It is the call to tell the cast and crew it is time to get to their starting positions for the beginning of the show.

9.) Wardrobe pan/trundle/truck

These three words can all be used to describe the place where the costumes are kept.

10.) Wardrobe village

It may sound like some sort of odd section of a theme park dedicated to clothing, but it is actually the place backstage where all the wardrobe trucks will be found and where the majority of changes take place.


So, there you have it. You are now in the know when it comes to some of the trickier phrases you might come across when starting out in a wardrobe department.

Got any to add? Comment below or on facebook and let the community know.

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